This is not just another network presenting the latest blockbuster flick from Hollywood, but one with a selection of all-time quality and cult films, the best independent movies from around the world, award winning short films, series that stand out for their cinematographic flair, and a touch of bizarre and experimental movies thrown in for good measure.

They came to us with a strong concept: they wanted the graphic package to be part of a "cinematographic experience". To create a channel with a continuous flow of images, keeping the graphic elements to a minimum (tune-in information, logo). Not to deliver graphic elements in a traditional way, but to create small pieces that gave the impression of being part of a movie.

Soon we where on the streets with a small team shooting cats, dogs, doves on a line, shopping carts, vintage cars, an old carousel, shipping containers, clothes swirling on a washing machine, a bar, a motorhome, raw meat, windswept hair, garden dwarfs, a professional bowler, two girls with very few clothes on, soup of letters, a taxi cab, city nightlife, falling icecreams and more.

Many hours of shots were then reduced to 5, 10 or 15-second clips, and used as Bumpers, End Pages, Line Ups...